“This is amazing! I think its simplicity is beautiful and so needed to help normalize a severe mental illness, that is often scary to others and stigmatizing.”
-Martina Gollin-Graves, President/CEO, Mental Health America, Wisconsin

“This book is inspirational! It was written with love and compassion. Illustrations excellently reflect the content. I recommend that this book be read by all.”
-Pamela K. Bell, Principle/Retired, King’s Academy Elementary School

“Outstanding. The book addresses and explains a complicated mental health condition that many people do not understand or even realize is a disease. The language and illustrations are clear and easy to understand. While thoughtfully written for children, the book would be a valuable read for adults as well.”
– Archie Givens, President of the Givens Foundation for African American Literature

“How great it is that you’ve put this to writing. I think it stands to be very helpful for kids who are affected by (or have family members affected by) various mental illnesses, including schizophrenia.”
– Matthew R. Hanson, PhD, LP, University of Minnesota Counseling and Consulting Services

“My Brother Adam by Linda and Nneka Onyilofor is a brilliant stroke of sheer genius for which readers should be profoundly grateful. It sheds invaluable light on a vital subject, taking a fresh, long overdue approach to mental health in the African American community.”
– Dwight Hobbes, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

“I enjoyed this very well written book. In particular, I appreciate the way the authors describe mental illness as a brain disease and how it affects Adam’s behavior.  I also greatly value the theme of the story: that we need to be more accepting of each other’s differences.”
– Phyllis Brashler, Ph.D., Community Health Planner, Minnesota Department of Health

“The end of the book says it all, we are all different and just because someone has a mental illness doesn’t make them or their lives less valuable.”
– Lori Young-Williams, M.L.S., Writer  

“I think this is a very well written story and a story of tolerance and acceptance. This is how we need to approach this very delicate issue in our society. Thank you for writing this book on a level where we can help educate our children, so they will be tolerant of others with this illness and not make them outcasts.”
– Betty Hiller, Minnesota Department of Health

“There are so few books to help children understand that mental health disorders are diseases like any other.  My Brother Adam uses an easy to understand, compassionate approach to educating children about these disorders and the stigma that is often experienced by people who are diagnosed with them.”
– Mary Madden, Executive Director of NAMI Waukesha, WI.